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To obtain a free no obligation quote:

In the first instance please contact Dan Cornish the Managing Director either by e-mail

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Garden Maintenance

This is our speciality service. We employ experienced supervisors, some of which have been with us many years. We have many different sized contracts, some small where we only attend twice a month and some big which we attend some three days per week. Each contract can be tailored to suit your needs, whether you want just grass cutting or no grass cutting and weeding only. However most are an overall service of mowing, weeding, edging, spraying, sweeping, pruning and any other garden duties.

In our overall service we manage your garden for a full 12 months. The contracts are mostly weekly or fortnightly during the summer and half this attendance during the winter. Our expertise includes the knowledge of lawn management, pest and disease and many other garden problems that arise from time to time.


Anywhere, however most of our work is in and around Norwich. Over the years we have covered many parts of Norfolk and North Suffolk. At present some of our jobs take us to Lowestoft in the East, Cromer in the North, Diss in the South and Swaffham in the West.

To obtain a free no obligation quote:

Please contact Dan Cornish, the Managing Director, using one of the methods detailed on the right. Dan will then come at an agreed time to assess and give advice on your garden. He will discuss with you the workings of a yearly contract. He then works out a price to service your garden for 12 months. This price he divides by 12 to give a monthly figure.

Often fresh gardens like this need an initial blitz to get the garden up to a maintainable standard. He will of course advise this at his first meeting. Many of our clients like to pay this type of contract by standing order. We can set up the necessary paperwork.

Notes on contracts

We have some 40 of these types of contract, some have been running for many years, some private, some commercial.

The smallest contract we normally accommodate is either half an hour weekly with a team or one hour fortnightly with a team.

The supervisor is in charge of your contract and enjoys input from the client.

The team normally arrives at the same time each week, however this is dependent on the weather, sickness and holidays.

The winter is between the clock changes.

Your team normally consists of 2 men - one supervisor and one junior.

Summer only contracts are available.

All contracts include incidentals, which include sprays and fertilizers.